Laser Surgery

Your pet’s health and well being is very important to us.  Dr Blotner has special training in the use of surgical lasers and we are pleased to offer laser surgery as a better alternative to traditional surgery.  In our surgical procedures, the laser replaces the scalpel blade and offers many benefits.  Very few veterinary clinics are able to offer this type of care, and we are proud to be one of them. 

What is a laser and how does it work?
A laser is a device that generates an intense beam of light at a certain wavelength.  It can be used to make unique bloodless incisions, as well as to erase unhealthy tissue (e.g. tumors) without excessive loss of blood typical of conventional scalpel blade based surgery.  The laser beam is so precise that it allows the removal of only a few cells at a time, leaving the surrounding areas unaffected.  This level of control is not possible with a scalpel blade.

What procedures are done using a laser?
The use of a surgical laser is ideal for many procedures.  We use our laser with the majority of the surgeries that are done here.  Many laser procedures can be done as outpatient or same day surgery, without an overnight stay.

    Oral surgery and Eye surgery
    Abdominal and Orthopedic  surgery
    Cancer (tumor) surgery
    Skin surgery
    Elective procedures (spay, neuter, feline declaw)
    Many others

The BIG 3 Advantages of Laser Surgery:
      1) LESS PAIN:  the laser seals nerve endings resulting in much less pain post op.
      2) LESS BLEEDING:  the laser seals small blood vessels resulting in much less bleeding.
      3) LESS SWELLING: the laser seals the lymphatics resulting in much less swelling.

Other Benefits of Laser Surgery:
      a) Patients recover more quickly and more comfortably
      b) Patients are less likely to chew and lick the incisions resulting in fewer complications
      c) Patients return to normal function and activity much quicker resulting in less need for strict confinement after surgery
      d) Patients will go home sooner than with traditional scalpel surgery
      e) The laser kills bacteria and viruses so less chance of infection
       f) The need for sutures and bandages are greatly reduced in many procedures

The surgical laser provides us with a wonderful tool in providing a more effective surgery, less pain and a quicker recovery time allowing us to send your companion home sooner!


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